Cocoa Lamina

Cuisine: Delish KFC inspired biscuits

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Are you a fan of biscuits? I know I am! I surely don't care to purchase them whenever I need a biscuit fix for breakfast or dinner, so I decided to make a slight spin off from a  biscuit recipe I came across. The parsley and cheese measurements don't have to be precise and can be omitted all together without altering the rest of the recipe. The vegetable shortening can also be oil or butter (I haven't tried using butter personally). Either way, I couldn't have just one *licks lips*. Hope you enjoy ;D

NAILS: Nails for the week 11

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Green, green, and more green. I was feeling a bit festive, so I decided to go for a nice deep yet warm toned green and up the glitter factor by adding some small rhinestones (1.5-2mm in size) on top in light and dark green which can be found here.
The colors I used are...
Sinful Colors:

*Show me the way 833 - Main color (Shimmer finish)
*Call you later 932 - Ring finger/Accent color (Glitter)
*Wet n Wild 424A - Black pointer stripes (Creme finish)

I also used the airshield topcoat. I'm not quite sure about it as of yet. While it provides a nice shiny finish and dries quickly I've noticed that it tends to make thicker polish applications peel, chip off, or lift from the nail somewhat easily. I also notice discoloration/darkening of the topcoat after around a week or so. I'll be looking for a new topcoat to try soon~!

Crafts/DIY El' wire

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I've been away for quite some time, yet felt the urge to get out some things via creative to speak lol. Without further ado, I'd recently come up with this idea after wanting to do some work with LEDs to give off a neon sign effect without the expense and complexity of an actual neon sign. I wanted to surely be able to do it myself, but how? I discovered el' wire which is basically a wire that emits glowing light and can be used for various projects. It's also relatively inexpensive in comparison to other lighting out there. I decided to take to photoshop to roughly illustrate my idea and put the wheels in motion! I've already purchased my el' wire and am currently negotiating with a seller for a laser cut mouse head that fits the measurements that I need for my piece XD  Hopefully this idea will materialize soon enough so I can come back with the actual product! *Excited*

NAILS: Nails for the week 10

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These are my nails for the past week. As you can tell I was feeling the green. Base color: SINFUL COLORS- Show me the way (833), *dots* Happy Ending (946), *ring finger* Call You Later (932)

Nails/Crochet Ring: Nails for the week 9

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So.....I'm back after having been gone for how long??? lol Terrible, I know. A lot has been going on between the time I abandoned my blog and now. It was almost a struggle to motivate myself into making this post -_-;..Things get better with time though right? uh..yeah...hmm lol... Anyway, I sucked it up and finally did something halfway decent to my nails this past weekend lol. Newsprint, mickey, leopard print, and letter rhinestones.

Makeup: La Femme Blush

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Left to right from top: Redwood, Dusty Rose (Bottom) Golden Sunset, Terracotta, Dark brown E/S, Brick Red.

La Femme blushes have made their round on you tube so I was a little surprised that I hadn't heard of them sooner...but then again I was never a blush person to begin with..*blinks* Well hasn't that changed now.  I've yet to come across any bad reviews of the blushes themselves though I have come across not so great reviews of the online reseller MakeUpMania. Many reviewers had issues with the shipping time, packaging for shipping, and not being informed of certain blushes in their order being out of stock. I personally had no issues with my order/s regarding shipping time. With both orders I placed, I received my orders on the third business day (Ordered on Sunday and received on Wednesday for both orders that were placed almost one month apart).I liked the blushes yet was disappointed that I didn't try varying colors so I ended up placing the 2nd order.